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Eco building - prefabricated LECA houses

We offer a new attitude towards construction of one’s own house with LECA concrete prefabricates.

Our offer comprises construction of houses and other of buildings with LECA concrete, as well as LECA prefabricates - we construct among other things elements of wall and ceilings with lightweight expanded-clay concrete and regular concrete. We offer LECA solutions for individual and inventory buildings. As a result of using our innovations in the field of LECA construction, you save your precious time and money during construction of your own house.

We can construct your standard house with ecological materials (LECA concrete, sand, gravel) in just a few days to get it ready for roof construction. The greatest advantage of eco LECA houses is their low humidity, low water absorbance and smoothness of the surface which eliminates the need to plaster (in practice – high amounts of technological water) and thus seasoning. Light expanded clay concrete is a material thanks to which houses are energy-saving in the stage of construction and during a regular exploitation.

LECA concrete prefabricates allow to quickly put up the construction with reasonable efforts. A house of LECA covered with a roof can be closed and practically immediately insulated, the whole house can be built during 8-12 weeks. House projects with the use of prefabricated LECA elements comprise practical, comfortable and energy-saving solutions.

House construction with LECA concrete

Construction of houses with light expanded clay aggregate is one of the most energy-saving and fast technology of building houses. This ecological building material made of clay with very good insulating properties and resistant to absorption of humidity. It takes just a couple of days to construct a house with ready prefabricates.

LECA concrete prefabricates

Ecological light expanded clay aggregates allow to construct a house or a utility building quickly and at relatively reasonable price. LECA are ready large wall and ceiling elements which are connected to construct a building. Constructing the very building takes only a couple of days and after this time it is possible to start construction of roofing.

Module houses made of LECA concrete

Construction of buildings with ready elements is a proven solution and generally favorable from the economic point of view. Nowadays, module houses made of LECA (material obtained at low cost from clay) are becoming more and more popular. Construction of a building with this material consists of joinings ready wall and ceiling elements together.

Houses made of LECA concrete - Projects

Right now one can observe a growing popularity of individual house construction at the expense of developers. This is a result of access to affordable building technologies. An example can be houses made of light expanded clay aggregate. Their projects as well as simple and affordable construction encourages to taking the decision of constructing one’s own house.

Ecological construction

Building houses with clay has a very long tradition. This is a reliable building material which is constantly used for production of bricks and other construction prefabricates, such as light expanded clay aggregates. Generally speaking, this is a eco building, as clay itself is an ecological component. The only modification is about its forming and firing.

Light expanded clay concrete

Module construction has many advantages. The greatest are savings in time and costs. Ready elements are put together according to a plan adopted in a building project. Construction with prefabricates and finishing works allow to move into the house after just a dozen weeks or so. Nowadays, one of the most popular module elements is light expanded clay aggregate.